Summer Courses for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars


  • Teaching Writing/Teaching with Writing (GRED 60615)

    • Dates: 06/04-06/14 (Summer Session I)
    • Days/Times: Monday through Friday, 9:00-11:30am
    • Instructor: Matthew Capdevielle, Ph. D.
    • Course Type: 2.0 Credits, S/U, Graduate Education
    • Description: This course is for graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and faculty looking to enhance their teaching by honing their skills as teachers of writing in their home disciplines. Participants will develop a deeper understanding of the role that writing plays in the learning process and will use that understanding to design writing assignments and activities that best support the learning goals of participants' courses. The course topics include: - Understanding the role of writing in the learning process - Understanding the writing process itself - Designing writing assignments to foster creativity, deepen understanding, and ensure academic integrity - Defining standards for evaluation of student writing - Commenting on student writing (to maximize the learning benefit for students and minimize the time spent grading) - Using rubrics for assessment - Handling plagiarism - Productive conferencing with students (one-to-one)
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  • Scientific Writing (GRED 60500)

    • Dates: 06/17-07/26 (Full Summer Session)
    • Days/Times: Tuesday/Thursday, 1:00-3:05pm
    • Instructors: Matthew Capdevielle, Ph. D. and guest lecturers from the College of Science and College of Engineering
    • Course Type: 2.0 Credits, S/U, Graduate Education
    • Description: This course offers students in the sciences and engineering a focused study of the conventions of scientific writing. Through close analysis of published scientific papers, guest lectures from faculty in the sciences and engineering, and focused writing activities in a workshop environment, students will hone their writing skills and make a clear plan for their continued development as writers in their home disciplines. Course Topics include mastering structure and organization, managing references, collaborating with other writers, writing from observation, using figures and tables effectively, and refining style.
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  • Article Accelerator: Manuscript Preparation Practicum (68002)

    • Dates: 06/17-07/26 (Full Summer Session)
    • Days/Times: Monday/Wednesday, 12:00-2:10pm
    • Instructor: Matthew Capdevielle, Ph. D.
    • Course Type: 2.0 Credits, S/U, Graduate Education
    • Description: The summer session Article Accelerator is a 6-week course designed to help graduate students and postdocs make consistent progress toward revising an existing piece of writing, such as a conference paper, seminar paper, or dissertation chapter, into an article manuscript ready to be submitted to a journal. Students will be assigned reading from Wendy Laura Belcher's book Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks and meet weekly to discuss the reading, check in with peers on progress and productivity, and participate in peer-editing exercises designed to model good article-preparation practices alongside Belcher's recommendations. Students will receive a loan copy of Belcher's book, to be returned to the Writing Center on the last day of class.
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