Becoming a Writing Center Tutor


The secret is out. Not only have students realized what a wonderful service the Writing Center tutors offer, they have also discovered that being a Writing Center tutor is the best job on campus.

Tutors gain valuable training and experience helping others with their writing and improve their own writing and communication skills along the way. The teaching and interpersonal skills tutors acquire are also highly valued by future employers and graduate schools.

Each spring, we invite faculty to nominate students to apply for the position of Writing Center tutor. (You may also request that we contact one of your professors for a nomination by completing this form: Writing Center Tutor Nomination Request.) Once we receive a professor's nomination, we will contact you during our spring recruitment season with an invitation to apply. Tutors hired during our spring recruiting season begin working in the Writing Center the following fall semester.

Writing Center Tutor Application Process

Students nominated by a professor will receive an email from the Writing Center detailing the next steps in the hiring process. Attached will be an information form that must be submitted with your other application materials. All nominated students will submit:

  1. The information form, providing basic data about your academic and extracurricular interests and commitments
  2. A brief (one page) letter of application explaining your qualifications for and interest in serving as a Writing Center tutor
  3. A prose writing sample that will give us an idea of your academic writing ability. The best samples are generally ones that present an argument of some kind rather than a summary. The sample should be 2–5 pages in length. You can send the introduction of a course paper, for example, instead of the entire paper.

From the applications we receive, we are only be able to select a small pool of applicants to interview with a panel of Writing Center tutors and administrators. Interviews are an essential part of our process. All interviews will be conducted via Zoom. 

Based on nominations, application packages, and interviews, we will make offers at the end of the spring semester for students to join the staff the following fall.

Timeline for Spring 2021 Application Process

  • March 19: Tutor nominations due from faculty
  • March 31, 6:30-7:00pm: Prospective Tutor Information Session (Zoom link will be provided to nominees.) 
  • April 9: Applications due (Application link will be provided to nominees.)
  • April 19-April 30: Interviews
  • May 10: Hiring offers made

Students who accept the position should be prepared to:

  • Enroll in a three-credit course in tutor training and writing pedagogy in the Fall 2021 semester. This course, Writing Center Theory and Practice (ENGL 20023/ESS 30401), requires research and writing on tutoring and composition. The course meets on an irregular schedule of nights and some days during the fall semester. If you are studying abroad in the fall, you will have to wait to apply at a time when you can take the fall course. We will accept students who take the course in the fall but are studying abroad that spring.
  • Participate in ongoing, full-staff training (four meetings per semester).
  • Work roughly 4–10 hours per week in 1–3 hour blocks.
  • Demonstrate engagement and growth in the position in order to maintain employment.

Questions? Feel free to contact Dr. Matthew Capdevielle, Director of the Writing Center:



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